The Birthday Party EDIT

Creativity abounds when birthday party planning commences. OR it doesn’t. Here are some inspiring birthday parties all featuring gorgeous (and rentable) wardrobe from Rainey’s Closet!

First up is a Swan Lake Inspired Birthday Party from super creative Born on Fifth. Check out the features on 100 Layer Cakelet and @laurenconrad_com for more! Event Space and Photographers: Park Studios.

Or how about a Day at the Salon Party? Last fall we took over the local nail and beauty salon Deshi with a bunch of girls and made a day of it! The girls were pampered with pedi’s, make-up, and all the tulle-dresses they could dream of!

Last year Rainey had a Runway Fashion Show Birthday Party for her 6th and the girls KILLED IT walking the catwalk.

Hair and makeup artists were on hand to make the girls feel extra special!

Here they are waiting for the Runway Show to begin and getting pumped.

And the star of the show, Rainey!

Or an over-the-top option: An Editorial-Shoot Birthday Party with the amazing professional photographer Glynis Carpenter.

What a dream come true for this birthday girl and her besties! A professional photographer shot and directed them at a sunny Southern California spa.

Such a magical and undoubtedly unforgettable experience for these girls!

Or how about an Ice Cream Social in an adorable little sweet shop?!

Confetti balloons and sugary treats–what more could a birthday girl want?!

No matter what birthday theme you choose, Rainey’s Closet has THE perfect wardrobe and accessories to really make her birthday party one for the memory books! Check out our Most Popular styles here!

Beach Photo Inspiration

(photo of our local Pensacola Beach shared from Innerlight Surf Shop)

Ahh the beach! Such a beautiful and inspiring place! Which makes it a favorite location for family photoshoots. And then comes deciding what to wear in beach photos. We have so many beautiful beach-appropriate options to make your beach photos THE BEST!

Boho Inspired:
Dress: Tea Princess Dove Skirt and Top Set
Flower Crown: Audra Flower Crown

Photo by Chasing Orion with Grace

Whimsical Tee-Pee

What could be more fun than a beach photoshoot with your best lady loves?!

Tea Princess Alouette
Tea Princess Pink Vanilla
Tutu du Monde Celestial in Orchid
Flower Crown: Miss Stevi Marie Olive Leaf Flower Crown

Photo by DAL Photography

Mommy + Me
Nellystella Monica Dress in Periwinkle

Photo by Lindsey Friar

Rustic & Golden
Dress: TTDM Harvest Tutu in Mocha
Cape: TTDM Queen B Shrug in Gold

Photo by Chasing Orion with Grace

Mint + White Delight
Skirt: TTDM Frozen Waltz Skirt
Top: Tea Princess Dove Top in White
Flower Crown: Poppy Loves Jade Neutral Silver Flower Crown

Perfect Sunset Hues
Dress: TTDM Marie Antoinette in Rose
Crown: Miss Stevi Marie Cherry Blossom Flower Crown
Dress: TTDM Palace Dress in Rose
Crown: Flowers Lovers Pink Succulent Flower Crown

Sunset Mama and her Tribe

Tutu du Monde Fontaine Dress
Tutu du Monde Rainbow Reef Tutu 
Tutu du Monde Sophia Tutu Dress 

(Photo by Jaiden Photography)

Hawaiian Dream
Nellystella Fiona Dress in Peach Melba
Celestial in Orchid
Garden Angels in Blush
Nellystella Peach Dress in Peach

(Photo by Island Heart Photography)

With so many great options, you really can’t go wrong! We even have a category specifically inspired by the BEACH to browse right here!

Flower Girl Style for ANY Wedding Vibe

Wedding season is in full effect! With wedding inspiration around every corner, we thought we would put together some flower girl styles to fit any wedding theme! Or you can search all our recommended Flower Girl looks here:

Why buy a flower girl dress she’ll only wear once when there are SO MANY beautiful options for rent?!

Classic Elegance with the Dollcake Eternity Gown. Hair piece: Poppy Loves Jade Neutral Silver Flower Crown.

Garden Party Style with the Doloris Petunia Annabelle Flower Girl Dress. 

Just perfection!

Or how about coordinating styles from Tutu du Monde for a Garden Party vibe? TTDM Hearts a Flutter on the oldest flower girl with the youngest two in the TTDM Bebe Olivia Tutu Dresses. Hair pieces: Halo Luxe Chloe Headband in Dusty Rose or the Miss Stevi Marie Simple White Blossom Flower Crown on the sweet baby.

Traditional Wedding Vibes with the Tutu du Monde Petal Me Tutus (long or short) seen below. Cape: Miss Marigold in Milk
Hair piece: Alice Bow in Milk 

Perfectly compliment a Boho Chic Beach Wedding with Tea Princess styles. Shop these styles and more here: 

Boho Beach Junior Bridesmaids forever.

Rustic Wedding with styles from Dollcake (Eternity Frock) and DOLLY by Le Petit Tom (Frisky Frolic).

Compliment the look with these simple crowns:

Miss Stevi Marie Olive Leaf Crown
Miss Stevi Marie Lamb’s Ear Flower Crown
Miss Stevi Marie Naturalist Flower Crown 

Peeking for the bride!

ALLLL the heart eyes for cowboy boots and long white dresses.

Rent these styles and more in our Featured Flower Girl category here!  

Hip hip hooray for Wedding Season, no matter which VIBE you want!

New Arrivals: Tutu du Monde Play and Tea Princess

We are going GAGA over the newest collections that we have recently added! Check them out!

Tutu du Monde’s newest PLAY collection, “Welcome to the Fun House,” is that in a nutshell: FUN!

Fantastical Unicorn Tutu in Fog 

Have Your Cake Cape in Lychee

Mystical Unicorn in Orchid

Popping Candy Tutu in Elderberry

Mystical Unicorn in Orchid

Are these not perfect for unicorn mini sessions, birthday parties, and more?! In love!!

And then there is our favorite boho chic brand based in Australia, Tea Princess! We’re just loving their new styles that are EXCLUSIVELY available to rent from Rainey’s Closet.

Chelsea Dress

Elm Dress in Off-White

Eve Skirt & Top Set in Off-White

Manhattan Sunsuit/Romper in Vanilla

Maya Sunset Romper in Pink

These gorgeous styles are perfect for a beach wedding, boho flower girl look, and more!

Visit our site for more FUN and BEACHY rental inspiration!

All About Styling from My Four Hens Photography

Five Tips for Styling your next Family Session

by Sarah Cornish of My Four Hens Photography

Maybe you have had your session booked for weeks or even months. You have put so much time into looking for the photographer that suits your vision (and your family) best. After pouring through Pinterest images and various blogs, you are excited for your family photos! All is good…except now you have to piece together a wardrobe for your entire family, and youʼre feeling a bit overwhelmed at the prospect. It happens to the good majority of my families and in my experience, itʼs the Mama that takes on the majority of the planning and in turn the majority of the stress. The truth is styling is one of things that we underestimate. When we are fawning over all of these gorgeous family photos on the internet, itʼs easy to miss the fact that itʼs a huge culmination of so many different things. Yes the locations are great and the connection is there and the light may be dreamy, but your clothing pulls it all together. It is the quickest way to really personalize your session and make sure that your own personal style shines through.

1. Ask for help. Seriously. Donʼt be shy. You arenʼt being a bother. And if you are, you may want to rethink your photographer. In many cases, your photographer will even have a simple guide or reference to help you along your way. This guide typically may include their favorite shops and stores, ways to mix and match clothing or tips to help make your life a bit easier. In any case, your photographer is more than happy to accommodate you. In fact, they want to put you at ease so the experience is enjoyable. In addition to that, clothing really can help set the tone of the session so knowing you are happy with what you are wearing is only going to heighten your images and make them that much more beautiful. You donʼt have to do this alone.

2. Look at your Photographerʼs website/blog/social media accounts for inspiration. If you look closely at how clothing is matched and paired together, you will have a good jumping off point. Create your own mood board with ideas on Pinterest. This will help you get a sense of your own likes if you are still figuring that out.

3. Location matters. Really look at where you are shooting and consider things such as the climate and if you are going to be warm or cool enough. Does the style of clothing really flow with the backdrop youʼll be using? Even something such as footwear makes a difference. If you might be doing a bit of walking, certain footwear is going to be miserable even if those heels are really cute. You also want to make sure the materials are not itchy or scratchy, especially on children. Take my word for it, you will hear about it the entire time. You want to look good but you also donʼt want it to be all about the clothes. They are an accessory. Your family are the stars of the show, not your husbands slacks.

4. Keep it timeless. Avoid anything that dates your clothing. Logos , Cartoon Characters and even neon clothing can really be distracting. I also recommend keeping everything cohesive and staying in the same color family without being too “matchy.” For example, wearing all white shirts or identical outfits will make it seem like you have a family “uniform” instead of really showing off all those beautiful personalities and what makes your family special and unique. I even recommend that you get your children into the planning. Give them an option or two and let them pick one thing in their outfits (you can give them choices that you have already prescreened so that you have some control.) This will help get them excited too! Even if itʼs a hair bow, piece of jewelry or a pair of shoes. If you are overwhelmed and need a good foundation, look at mannequins and groupings in stores and how they put clothing together. Start with your favorite color or a pattern that really catches your eye and go from there. If you love flowers, maybe a floral pattern on your dress or if yellow is your jam… find something yellow.

4. Treat yourself. Buy that dress you have been eying. It doesnʼt have to be expensive, but you deserve to feel beautiful. Consider the way you move in your outfit and how it makes you feel. That is just as important as how it looks. Get your hair and your nails done. Sometimes even beginning with your outfit and styling everyone else around that is the jumpstart you need to feel inspired. As a side note, the one thing I would strongly recommend is if you do get your hair or make up done for your session, be sure to go for a practice run first. Having your hair and make up done hours before your session and then finding you donʼt like it can make you insecure and dampen the entire mood of your big day.

Ultimately the styling is a huge part of what will make your photographs pop. Good styling will also inspire your photographer and in part make stronger images. Donʼt forget at the end of the day though, nothing trumps the love you have for your family and you never want your clothes to wear you. This should be fun… until itʼs time to dress everyone. Good luck with that.

All photos by Sarah Cornish of  My Four Hens Photography 

Rainey’s Dress: Tea Princess Seaglass Dress in Teal from Rainey’s Closet 
Crown: Poppy Loves Jade Natural Mint Flower Crown from Rainey’s Closet
Erica’s Dress: Auguste the Label 

Flora & Fauna Inspired Party for Spring

Seems like Spring has been taking it’s sweet time in arriving, but this Flora + Fauna Meadow Party is the perfect remedy! Featured on Mini Style Mag and Beijos Events, this shoot is just beyond gorgeous! Check out the vendors and AMAZING details below!

Just love those sweet woodland creatures so much! Thank you so much to our friends at Beijos Events for including us in this super creative Flora and Fauna shoot!

Design/Styling/Planning: @beijosevents
Photographer: @lyndseyyo
Florals: @rootedandwildco
Calligraphy/Invite/Placemats/Stir Sticks: @poppyjackshop
Desserts: @sweetnsaucyshop
Floral Animal Ears/Accessories/Kid’s Styling: @thedaydreamrepublic
Clothing: @raineyscloset @nellystellaofficial
Face Painting: @couturepaintings
Hair: @1011makeup
Napkins & Mini Baskets: @thelittlemarket
Plates & Forks: @merimeri


Guest Blogger: Shalonda Chaddock from Chubby Cheek Photography With a Letter For Moms

Photo by Chubby Cheek Photography

Dear You,

Yeah you, the pretty lady sitting here reading this.  You probably landed here by some mindless naptime scrolling or because you were killing time in carline or maybe waiting for soccer/volleyball/basketball practice to be over.  Well, I can promise you, you were meant to read this!

“Maybe next year”

“Let me lose 10 lbs. first”

“No I don’t have anything that fits me right now besides yoga pants”

All things I have said or thought!  All things I have been told or written in an email.


I know as mommy’s we live in the every day, we spend 24-7 in the trenches.  We are there for the princess band aids and the icky muddy fingers…we see our children at their best and at their “not-so- best” ha…we have days where we feel like the superhero, Miss America and Super nanny all in one.  Then we have days where we can’t remember the last time we actually took a shower, our hair is in yet another not so beautiful messy topknot and we have on yoga pants that haven’t been to yoga, EVER!  SO this little letter, it’s for YOU!  When was the last time you were in pictures with your babies?  Okay, okay, so that was a trick questions ha!  The truth is, that you cannot ever have enough pictures of your babies and they won’t ever have enough pictures WITH you.

So make “NOW” happen, make TODAY the right time!  You see you’ve been there, you’ve been there for the sleepless newborn nights, the tantrums in the middle of Target, and maybe like me, you are there now, as your daughter no longer needs to hold your hand when you cross the street.  Or you are there now as your son inches taller and taller to be able to look you in the eyes.

This one is for HER… so she looks back at these images in 20 years.  I promise you she won’t see the arms you wish to hide but the safety she felt in those arms.  These are for HIM… so that he will always know that no one will ever be able to love him as much as you do.  This is for THEM, they won’t see the wrinkles on your face they will see the smile that instantly made them feel at ease.

I know you will have a million excuses for why today isn’t the right day for this type of session for you, a million reasons why you just can’t do it now but let me tell you from a mother to a mother who HAS SAID ALL OF THOSE THINGS TO MYSELF and learned the hard way, tomorrow NEVER COMES…TODAY IS YOUR DAY…this is the time you need it the most and I promise you, heck I pinky swear with you that you WILL NOT REGRET THIS!  Take a deep breath, pick up the phone and schedule a special session to capture YOU loving your babies, so that they don’t just know it but so that they will always be able to see it.

You in 15 years

Photo by Lindsey Friar 

Check out some style inspiration for Moms from our Founder Erica! 

Brands we love: 

Auguste the Label
Fillyboo Maternity
Spell Designs
Free People
Leah Maria Couture

Just shoot us an email ( with a photo of your dress and we’d love to help you find the perfect coordinating outfits for your littlest (but biggest) fans!

Coordinating outfit inspiration to rent from Rainey’s Closet for your little ones:

Don’t forget: Moms MATTER!!!

Rainey’s Closet Flower Girl Video Premiere

We are so excited to share our Flower Girl Promo Video!

We had such a great experience working with Lensea Film on this project and can’t wait to share more!

Film Crew: @lenseafilm
Photographer: @chasingorionwithgrace
Event space: @5eleven_palafox
Florals: @fioreofpensacola
Wardrobe: @raineyscloset
Models: @sammyb84 @ad_vaughan

New Arrivals: Tutu du Monde Spring 18

Still swooning over the newest Tutu du Monde collection. Inspired by Paris in the springtime, it’s making us all want to venture across the Atlantic! But in the meantime, we will just keep on admiring these new designs and whimsical colors available to rent from our collection!


See what we’re talking about?! Hellloooo spring!

Row 1:
Tutu du Monde Celestial Tutu Dress in Earl Grey
Tutu du Monde Twilight Tutu Dress in Marshmallow
Tutu du Monde Silkie Shrug in Milk 
Tutu du Monde Fontaine Tutu Dress in Aqua Glaze 

Row 2:
Tutu du Monde Alice Bow Silk Organza Headband in Elderberry
Tutu du Monde Jardin Tutu Dress in Aqua Glaze
Tutu du Monde Little Secrets Onesie in Elderberry
Tutu du Monde At Dusk Cape in Earl Grey

Row 3:
Tutu du Monde Swan Queen Tutu Dress in Elderberry
Tutu du Monde Dancing Daisy Cape in Lychee
Tutu du Monde Daisy Tutu Dress in Lychee
Tutu du Monde Petal Me Long Tutu Dress in Milk

Check out the rest of the available options for rent in our collection here!

Swan Lake Inspired Birthday Party

Check out this adorable Swan Lake themed second birthday party! Event stylist Emily of Born on Fifth planned the chic affair for her little lady Elle at Park Studios in Atlanta. The stunning event was recently featured on 100 Layer Cakelet and and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to be a part of the gorgeous celebration.

Everything was styled to perfection with the most beautiful neutral color scheme.

She even had a dress-up area for the little guests with wardrobe from Rainey’s Closet.  Just look at that rack filled with stunning Tutu du Monde tutus from our rental collection.

The styling was impeccable and the party guests even received a special visit from a prima ballerina!

With the help of the Beijos Events E-celebrate board, Emily planned a beyond gorgeous floral wall design and tablescape.

I mean, how GORGEOUS is that table?!

Emily’s blog Born on Fifth  is such a great resource filled with beautiful party inspiration! Happy birthday to sweet Elle! xx

Photography: Heidi Geldhauser & MC Brownfield / Planning & Design: Born on Fifth / Venue: Park Studios / Floral Design: Ginger Rose / Invitations: Dear Elouise / Tabletop & Floral Direction: Beijos Events / Rentals: Collection Event Furnishings & Sweet Seats / Cake: Pum’s Sweets / Macaron Tower: Mac Lab Bakery / Wardrobe: Rainey’s Closet